Julia Stachowska was born in 1997 in Rawicz (Poland). She graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and Art History at the University of Łódź. Member of Polish Sculptors Community in Kielce and author of theoretical art history works about the historic architecture of Poland and eco-art movement. As an artist, she specializes mainly in abstract stone sculpture, graphics art, and photography. As a stone sculptor, she tries to use natural color, structure, and characteristic properties of the material. She perceives sculpting as contemplation, a unique activity, and a search for hidden meanings. The shapes created by the artist blur the boundaries between stone and pliable, flexible matter. The forms seem to move and bend like living beings. Julia Stachowska's sculptures are minimalistic, and suits to modern spaces. She collaborates with many well-known interior designers; her sculptures are present in many private collections around Europe. She regularly participates in sculpture symposiums (Orońsko (Poland), Kielce (Poland), Dubenec (Czech Republic), Brno (Czech Republic); and exhibitions of her works.


  • "Goddesses and Gods" an exhibition of graphics works of members of the Lingraf group, 02.2021, Radlin, Poland.
  • "First Performance" exhibition of performance made with collaboration of Katarzyna Kozyra, Hol Gallery CPM, 02.2022, Łódź, Poland.
  • ”PRIME TIME” - an exhibition of the best diploma of the art academy in Łódź 2022 – 3-17.03.2023, Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź, Poland.
  • Individual exhibition during ”FINEness International Women’s Art Festival”, Zabytkowa Kopalnia Ignacy in Rybnik, 07-31.03.2023.
  • Exhibiton of the final works of contest "14 Konkurs na małą formę graficzną", Amcor Gallery in Łódź, 03.2023. 
  • Exhibition of Polish Sculptors Community in BWA Ostrowiec, Poland, 29.09.2023-27.10.2023.
  • Exhibition “Women’s side of art”, Defabryka, Warsaw – Poland, 05.12-04.02.2024
  • Exhibition “Art capital”, BWA Kielce – Kielce – Poland, 19.01-09.02.2024
  • Exhibition in Olimpic Center, Warsaw, 04.03.2024-27.03.2024.