The shapes of the sculptures in the DNA series consist primarily of numerous intricacies, waves, tongues, or sharp lines transitioning into soft forms. These shapes are directly connected to me, as the abstract forms shaped in this way constitute my artistic DNA. The starting point to find them was a sheet of paper and a pencil. In art, almost everything begins with these two elements. When I was designing my sculptures and sketching countless variations of forms I could create in my favorite material – marble, I noticed a certain correlation among my drawings. I shaped the line in a unique way, and the proportions were based on letter forms, the writing of which I had mastered best in my life – they were my initials, J.S. The spelling pattern dominated my mind and automatically translated into the body's ability to apply symbols to paper. Writing these two letters was reflected in the way I drew almost every line.
After creating my first sculptures and clay projects, I understood that the abstract forms I create are, for me, a signature in stone. This material enchanted me long before I entered the academy of fine arts. I always believed that the most enduring signs of human existence were inscribed in stone.

Working with this material requires strength of character and great perseverance in return, often leaving the sculptor with injuries. Stone teaches humility and that one should never try to overcome it, as it will always prevail.
I work on my sculptures for a very long time until I achieve a satisfactory result. I feel connected to the material and the forms I create. I try to blur the visual boundary between stone and the plastic, flexible matter. The forms are meant to stimulate the human imagination, encouraging the viewer to walk around them, as they look different from every angle. Abstraction, for me, is a quest for what has not yet been found, creating new shapes previously unknown. When I create my sculptures, I design them so that the changing light at different times makes them look different each time under the influence of shadow play. I believe that my sculptures can inspire viewers to reflect and provide them with unforgettable visual experiences. I would like to introduce them to the work in stone, surprise them with what can be achieved in it, and show the great possibilities hidden in this traditional material.