The Graces series has been evolving since 2021. These sculptures take inspiration from the artistic trend of portraying small female busts, typically carved from alabaster and often displayed on desks or above fireplaces in historical interiors. I am the owner of one of this kind of bust myself, its enduring presence sparked me to modify this canonical representation of femininity.

As an art historian and sculptor, my intention was to present 21st-century women in a manner distinct from the approaches of past sculptors. I sought to blend minimalism, abstraction, and the essence of femininity into a singular artistic expression. It all began with a single sculpture made by Sławniowice marble. Yet, I instinctively knew that I needed to create an entire cycle. In the 21st century, we have the artistic liberty to juxtapose the key features of women without facial features or embellishments. Each of my Graces differs from traditional portraits; each is an individual with her own character, despite the absence of a face. Their character is expressed in their posture, the material they are made of, and the finishing techniques applied.

I sculpting my Graces from various stones using traditional methods. It is a challenging pursuit that demands specific conditions, sacrifices, and precision. However, there is no more fitting or beautiful material for my sculptures than stone. Stone imparts elegance, adding gravitas and weight to the representation. Some silhouettes of my Graces express lightness, while others exude pride, and still others relate to various feminine physical or emotional states. In my sculptures, I haven't depicted any specific woman, yet I present them all simultaneously. My work pays homage to sculptures from art history and women while continuing to create the portraits of the Graces in a slightly more contemporary manner.