Stone – material and technique

The selection of materials in sculpture is a critical decision that influences not only the aesthetic outcome but also the durability and contextual relevance of the work. Traditional materials such as marble have been favoured for their timeless beauty. Marble's association with classical sculpture make it a perennial choice for artists seeking to create works with a sense of permanence and noble.
Stone guarantees durability and the uniqueness of the final piece. Creating in it requires years of practice and experience working with its various types.
In sculpting, artist removes excess material from a stone block to reveal the form they have designed. This technique demands precision and a profound understanding of the material's properties. It also requires imagination and predictive skills. The stone constantly tests the endurance of the sculptor working within it, posing a challenge to both muscles and psyche.
To complete a work in a large stone block, a considerable amount of patience and physical stamina is needed. Ultimately, the finished piece brings great satisfaction and serves as a tangible object created in harmony with the artist's concept.